Donna Duff



Donna Duff is a Nurse Healer, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor. She also is a Massage Therapist and practiced Neuromuscular Therapist. She has also worked in Geriatric Nursing and hospice care for over 30 years.

Donna has taught Healing Touch in USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, and Australia. She is one of the earliest graduating Instructors in the Healing Touch Program, who is also qualified to teach Upper Level classes within the program. She is dedicated to the service of healing, which is the driving force in her life. She desires to travel to heal and teach no matter where the call takes her. She loves to provide loving care to all she meets in her travels, and is a true ambassador to the Healing Touch Program for spreading love and light around the world.

Donna’s specialties include pain management and working with seniors, offering exercise programs and bodywork.

Bodywork/Healing Touch Treatment:

$125 – 90 minute session