We are pleased to offer free resources for people interested in Healing Touch and energy medicine.

free healing fridayFree Healing

On the third Friday of each month, we volunteer our services with the non-profit Soul Seeds in Tacoma, WA. Free Healing Friday is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to individuals in marginalized communities and to introduce people to the multiple benefits of Healing Touch.

mind clearing

Self-Mind Clearing

Mind clearing is one of the techniques used in Healing Touch (and by many massage practitioners!) to focus and quiet the busy or agitated mind. If you are stuck in traffic and can’t make it to a practitioner, try this technique to balance the energy flow within your brain and promote relaxation and peacefulness. (To paraphrase, mind-clear like no one is watching!) It also is useful for clearing stress-related headaches.

chakra connection

Self-Chakra Connection

Feel out of balance but can’t make it to see your Healing Touch practitioner? Try this simple self-care technique to balance your energy flow and create a sense of peace and calm.


Mandala Meditation

The mandala symbolizes balance, perfection, completion, transformation, and the interconnection of all things. In ancient Sanskrit, the word mandala loosely means circle or center. Coloring or creating mandalas has the ability to promote relaxation, develop a clear focus, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, offer stillness of mind and promote healing. (So treat yourself to that Crayola 64-pack with built-in sharpener you never had as a kid!)