Melissa Brodd, Healing Touch Practitioner


Melissa Brodd has worked as a nurse since 2003 starting as an LPN, ADN then BSN through the University of Washington. Melissa has worked with elders in the long-term care setting and has spent the last nine years working in a busy emergency room in Tacoma. Melissa has expanded her learning to include complementary and integrative medicine. She has apprenticed in local plant medicine, became certified in Integrative Health and Lifestyles from University of Arizona, and has been practicing Energy Medicine through Healing Touch Program. Melissa is a member of American Holistic Nurses Association and the Healing Touch Professional Association.

Melissa values continual learning and has found balance with academic learning while doing the work with hands on experience. She has developed skills in mind, body, and spiritual healing with a personal goal of bringing in the art of the nursing to her practice. She helps clients focus on mind-body integration and to provide sacred space in a healing environment. She works with the body’s subtle energy system to allow stress relief, personal growth, and helping to stimulate the body’s own self-regulating mechanisms for healing, harmony and internal balance through the art and science of Healing Touch energy medicine techniques.

Melissa is a native to the Pacific Northwest and currently lives in Tacoma, WA with her husband, son and two Labrador retrievers. She is a nurturing mother to her two-year-old Son and values balance of family life. Melissa is an avid reader, gardener, hiker, traveler and tinkerer of things. She loves to take cast-away objects and restore them to give them a new life. She loves plants and has an extensive home apothecary of wild plants and spices that she incorporates into her daily way of life.

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