Barbara Roidl, Aura Therapy and Healing Touch


Aura Therapist, Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice

Barbara holds a doctoral degree in counselor education from The Ohio State University. As a Mental Health Counselor she worked with all ages and many different populations in Mental Health centers and in private practice. She specialized in group work and enjoys working with groups of people. Increasingly, the energy of people’s interactions and the energetic foundation of her clients’ behaviors drew Barbara’s interest and motivated her to take classes in the Intuitive Mind program. She has completed the Psychic Mastery Program at Intuitive Mind and currently is part of its Advanced Psychic Mastery group. She particularly enjoys initiatives to work on national, global and cosmic energetic levels.

A profound respect for and appreciation of each individual person’s energy anatomy is one result of her extensive, 15-year long training.

Barbara’s interest in energy anatomy led her to the nationally-accredited Healing Touch Program. In March she achieved the status of Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice. Her work is supervised by a Healing Touch mentor while she completes the requirements for certification.

There is a deep commitment in Barbara to working in a client-centered and compassionate way. This is the reason why she named her business after Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion who “hears the cries of humanity.”

A native of Bavaria in the South of Germany, Barbara has built a life in Tacoma with her family of people, animals, plants and spirit beings for the past 20 years while she nourishes her roots and connections with her birth place.

Barbara offers both brief and full length sessions in Aura-Therapy and Healing Touch as well as a Magical Combo of both.

Brief Sessions (30 minutes)

Aura-Therapy Session: $65

Healing Touch Session: $40 (suggested donation)

Full-Length Sessions (60 minutes)

7-layer Aura Reading and Healing: $125

Full Healing Touch Table Session: $75 (suggested donation)

Magical Combo: Integrative Aura-Therapy through the Auric 7 Layers (90 minutes): $150

To book an appointment with Barbara, you can call 253-292-5955 ext 3

For further information you can email questions to or visit Kuan Yin’s Way.