Intuitive Art Classes

Have you always wanted to paint but have never learned how?

Are you an experienced painter that is looking for a new way to paint?

Do you wish you could practice allowing your intuition to guide you?

Intuitive Art Classes offered by Kalli have been designed to accomodate all skill levels of painters–from brand new beginner to expert. Each class has a different focus that gives you an opportunity to allow your Spirit to guide your paintbrush as you create a unique piece of art work. Kalli and her co-teachers wove the art of painting with the healing of mediation and energy clearing to create deeply healing classes and workshops. Classes on the calendar now include Intuitive Guided Art: Trusting Your Intuition, Clearing Emotional Blocks Intuitive Painting Class, and Vision Collage Intuitive Painting Class. Find a list of upcoming classes and workshops on the Events page here.